What Makes Our Natural CBD Topicals so Special?

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Natural hemp oil has grown in popularity in recent years. Known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects, it is most commonly used as a scented oil, and some people choose to use it for a better night of sleep. Natural hemp oil can be taken orally or topically through the skin. However, finding the best […]

Understanding the Basics of Organic CBD Oil

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Ready to learn about what makes organic CBD oil so special? In the following article, we’ll discuss what classifies CBD oil as “organic” and we’ll also explore the wide range of benefits it provides to the consumer and the environment. As you may or may not already know, CBD is extracted from hemp, and for […]

Soothing your Skin with CBD

Herbal Pain Salve Raleigh

It’s always thrilling when a customer reports back how our products are helping them! So when one of our regular vendors at our weekly farmer’s market shared his mom’s stunned reaction to his hands, you can imagine the excitement! D. had been using our Pain Be Gone salve for a few weeks on his severe […]

Elderberry + CBD

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The perfect love match:  Elderberry and CBD As an elementary teacher, surrounded all those years by my sweet little germ-multiplying petrie dishes, I learned early on how important it was to boost my immune system.  But as a kid raised by a PhD scientist, I also am a bit obsessed with “checking the science.”  So […]

The Truth about Gummies

Organic CBD Products Raleigh

“Oh, but I wanted gummies. . .” I hear it every time I’m out at the marketplace or engaging with a new customer.  CBD gummies are seen here, there, and everywhere.  At the gas station.  At discount stores.  At the grocery store.  EVERYWHERE. Everywhere except Healing Green Farms.  Let’s dig in to the science a […]

Less Pain

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One of the most rewarding experiences of my journey into organic, hydroponic hemp farming and the CBD industry is receiving the many heart-felt testimonials from our customers.  It’s truly humbling and touching to hear how the products we are creating improve the lives of our customers.  One of our most common reports is that using […]

Better Sleep.

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When your first grader is diagnosed with four separate sleep disorders, you find yourself rapidly becoming an amateur sleep expert.  We learned about every supplement available (and tried most of them), and the neurologist tried a slew of prescription meds.  But even more importantly, we learned firsthand how impactful poor sleep really is.  Our little […]