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PBG Topical Oil with Roller Ball 3,000 mg


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Healing Green Farms is proud to offer CBD without the mystery! Our ORGANIC CBD OIL is made from greenhouse-grown plants, direct to you from our 100 year old family farm. Our products are hand-made in small batches and independently lab tested to ensure purity and quality.  We guarantee every product is free of heavy metals, pesticide residue, synthetic additives, or toxic solvents.

Our  Topical Oil is our MOST POTENT formula, with 3,000 mg of CBD PER OUNCE! Built from the ground up by our homeopath and herbalist with all organic ingredients, this oil combines the powerful benefits of CBD along with our proprietary herbal blend. A convenient roller ball applicator makes it ideal for applying to isolated areas and gives you easy application on-the-go.  For best results, apply 3-4 times daily, massaging in completely.

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