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Parents of special-needs kids are some of the most heroic folks on the planet.  The majority of the population has little awareness of how tough life can be for these families.  So, when I first started hearing from my special education advocacy clients about a new product that was providing some level of improvement with a wide variety of issues, I paid very close attention.  And as a mother of kids with special needs myself, I was also desperate for something new to try.

I’m a career educator so it won’t surprise you to hear I’m a homework kind of girl.  I already knew that CBD was NOT “weed,” and wasn’t going to get anyone high.  But beyond that, I needed to know more, especially before allowing my child to ingest it!  So after reading every molecule of research I could find about CBD with a critical eye, I decided to try it with my then-10 year old daughter.  She had been suffering with severe anxiety for years.  Yes–years.  Diagnosed at the age of 6, she saw every specialist we could find and tried a wide variety of drugs. . .all with no real improvement.  Within a month of starting a CBD regimen, I could tell the fog that had engulfed her for so long was beginning to lift.  And better still, SHE could tell!  

Now at almost 20, my daughter is still a daily CBD user, and swears by it.  As her mom, it’s pretty exciting that she’s using the Healing Green Farms CBD that we produce from plants grown on our farm.  And because I know exactly what’s in that bottle and exactly how it got there, I don’t have to think twice about my children–or anyone–using it.

The research is limited about exactly how CBD works so well at reducing anxiety levels, but we know anecdotally from millions of users that it does.  Because it’s my job to stay on top of all current research, here’s a link to a little of the more recent science on the subject.

Healing Green Farms offers a proprietary CBD and herbal blend developed by our homeopath to specifically to address anxiety. Our customers love it–and you can even custom order our anxiety blend with a higher concentration of CBD! Learn more here.

This is my success story with CBD and anxiety.  Do you have one to share?  Please drop it in the comments!

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