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It’s always thrilling when a customer reports back how our products are helping them! So when one of our regular vendors at our weekly farmer’s market shared his mom’s stunned reaction to his hands, you can imagine the excitement! D. had been using our Pain Be Gone salve for a few weeks on his severe eczema and the results were profound. No more painful, bloody cracking on his knuckles, and the scales and discoloration were greatly improved as well.

Healing Green Farms currently offers two versions of our VERY popular pain-relieving topical salve, Pain Be Gone. Formulated by our in-house homeopath and herbalist, Pain Be Gone has gained quite a reputation for its ability to provide relief for isolated pain, especially when applied several times daily on a regular basis. But did you know it’s also perfect as an aid in healing for the skin itself?

A review of the current research related to CBD and skin can be found here

Get your daily recommended serving of science by reading that article from the National Institute of Health–but if you’re more in the mood for the Reader’s Digest version here it is: Research shows that CBD can be extremely helpful in regulating the skin as a system–with excellent potential for assisting with acne, eczema, psoriasis, and wound care. Of course, as with all things related to CBD, we desperately need more research–but the bottom line is that it’s worth a shot if you’re dealing with a chronic skin issue.

While other companies buy pre-made lotions and salves and then simply slap on their label, our salve is built from the ground up by our homeopath–from the all-natural beeswax to the herbs that make up our proprietary blend. This is part of our commitment to provide you with only the very best products with the most carefully vetted ingredients. We do all that work so you don’t have to.

What do you want to work on when it comes to your skin? Drop us a note and let’s chat!

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