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What Makes Our Natural CBD Topicals so Special?

Top view of Cannabis cosmetic oil cream in jar bottle and a green plant leaf

Natural hemp oil has grown in popularity in recent years. Known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects, it is most commonly used as a scented oil, and some people choose to use it for a better night of sleep. Natural hemp oil can be taken orally or topically through the skin. However, finding the best organic CBD oil can be a challenge – but it is not impossible if you live in the greater Fayetteville, North Carolina region. The trick is in knowing where to look.

Completely free from manmade toxins, Natural CBD Topical Oil from Healing Green Farms is an organic product that can be taken orally or applied to the skin. At 500 MG, it has a full-spectrum impact that is made of homegrown hemp straight from our local farms in North Carolina. Each plant is organically grown and cultivated indoors using a hydroponic system that promotes excellent quality plant growth.

Finding the best CBD oil just got easier with our vast product line. Our organic CBD oils also include a potent 1000 MG Full Spectrum Formula, which is known as one of the originals in the line. It comes in a 1 fluid oz. bottle and has a syringe for easy application. Other special products include the 500 MG original Hemp Extract Formula, which also comes in a 1 fluid oz. bottle and comes with a syringe as well. It can be used as a dietary supplement or applied to the skin as a topical.

Our CBD products are known for their natural health and wellness benefits. Like other hemp oils, they are more commonly known for their relaxing qualities and fine, herbal aroma.

Even your pets can enjoy the calming benefits of an organic CBD oil that’s made especially for them! Our CBD Pet Formula works best when applied orally and without food. Dogs and cats can enjoy the calming effects of an organic CBD product in a bottle of their own.

There are other products to choose from when you visit Healing Green Farms. Simply check us out online today to find out more!

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