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Organic CBD Products Raleigh

Elderberry + CBD

Organic CBD Products Raleigh

The perfect love match:  Elderberry and CBD

As an elementary teacher, surrounded all those years by my sweet little germ-multiplying petrie dishes, I learned early on how important it was to boost my immune system.  But as a kid raised by a PhD scientist, I also am a bit obsessed with “checking the science.”  So when I started hearing about the immunity-boosting properties of elderberry syrup, I was excited to see how much corroborating science existed for what moms and naturalists had known for centuries:  Elderberries = good stuff.  I began making my own syrup for my kids and for me, and it has been a staple in our household for a long time.

Ever since I began growing hemp and producing CBD products, I wished there was a way to infuse CBD right into my elderberry syrup.  But because the crude is oil based, it just wasn’t possible.  UNTIL RECENTLY!

Thanks to an engineer from NC State, (GO PACK!) a new processing option became available that changed all that!  This new process took my oil-based crude and processed it in such a way that the compound was encapsulated in a water-soluble particle!  And initial research shows this is also extremely bio-available.  It’s an exciting option–but also very expensive.  In fact I have to send my crude all the way to California for this special processing in small batches.  But the ability to create new water-based products has opened up this product for a lot of folks for whom the oil just does not work.

So, there are a few take-aways here.  First, please be wary of products that you just “eat/drink” (I’m looking at YOU, gummies!)  If they are not specifically using this new technology that makes crude water-soluble (and you should see this on the label), you are losing the majority of the good stuff through your gut.  Like up to 70%!  This is true for dog treats as well. 

Secondly, if you are getting CBD via sublingual oil, be SURE you’re giving the CBD time to enter your system through your mucous membranes in your mouth.  Hold it under your tongue for about a minute before you swallow to get the maximum benefit.

Finally, if you’re someone who would prefer a water-soluble product, be sure to consider getting your CBD along with nature’s immunity booster, elderberry syrup!  Tastes great and offers a world of benefits.

So now that you know water-soluble CBD is available, what would be your ideal food or drink to infuse with CBD?  You never know. . .maybe I can make your dream product come true!

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