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Organic CBD Products Raleigh

The Truth about Gummies

Organic CBD Products Raleigh

“Oh, but I wanted gummies. . .”

I hear it every time I’m out at the marketplace or engaging with a new customer.  CBD gummies are seen here, there, and everywhere.  At the gas station.  At discount stores.  At the grocery store. 


Everywhere except Healing Green Farms.  Let’s dig in to the science a bit, and I think you’ll better understand why we’ve avoided the gummy train.

Gummies make our little tummies smile when we chew them up because–let’s face it–they are candy.  If I’m being honest, I like my multi-vitamin with a big ol’ dose of gummy on the side, so I GET IT.  It would be SO AWESOME if we could get a nice hefty dose of CBD in that little gummy, but–and I hate to be the one to spring this on you–chewing and swallowing a gummy is just not going to get the job done.  Let’s understand why.

CBD is actually “hemp extract,” also known as crude, which looks a lot like molasses.  It is an OIL produced by processing hemp.  It is therefore oil-soluble, not water-soluble.  That means you can mix it with other oils, but not water-based liquids.  So, not only will your CBD sit on top of other liquids like your favorite oil and vinegar dressing, but your gut cannot process most of it and just sends it on “out the door.”  Science tells us that we lose 60-80% of the good stuff when we simply swallow CBD products.  So–if you’ve been dropping it into your coffee, spreading it on your toast, or even squirting it on your dog’s food. . .you may want to rethink.

So, bottom line:  I just don’t feel comfortable selling products that I know are not as effective as they need to be.  While it might not taste like a yummy tummy treat, Healing Green Farms sublingual oils are a much more effective option, and give you a much better shot at relief of the issues you’re treating with CBD.

And since I’m bursting all the bubbles. . .bad news about the dog treats, friends, for all the same reasons.

Stay tuned for good news, though. . .Healing Green Farms DOES offer CBD in our super tasty organic Elderberry Syrup!  In my next post I’ll explain how we make our crude compatible in the syrup using a process developed by an NC State Engineer!

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