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One of the most rewarding experiences of my journey into organic, hydroponic hemp farming and the CBD industry is receiving the many heart-felt testimonials from our customers.  It’s truly humbling and touching to hear how the products we are creating improve the lives of our customers.  One of our most common reports is that using CBD results in LESS PAIN!  

Our customers have reported reduction in pain related to multiple forms of arthritis, migraine headaches, chronic pain after injury, and even nerve pain.  Part of this could be attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD–but much of the analgesic mechanism of CBD remains a mystery.  We have discovered the two-pronged approach of sublingual oils coupled with our topical salve is a powerful pain-relieving combination.  Thanks to our in-house homeopath, Healing Green Farms’ Herbal Harmony line offers both a sublingual and a topical that marries the healing properties of our proprietary herb blends with the therapeutic power of CBD.  

As always, I share what science has to say–and the truth is we do not have nearly enough research in the use of CBD for pain reduction or management in humans.  But studies in animals have shown promising results with both chronic and neuropathic pain.  Several of our customers who are battling MS, fibromyalgia, and other degenerative diseases have found that CBD coupled with the rest of their prescribed protocol has dramatically improved quality of life.

Where are your aches and pains?  Have you tried CBD?  Any success?  Please share your stories!  And don’t forget. . .if you tried CBD and didn’t find it helpful, it may be something as simple as adjusting your dose.  Reach out and let us help you find your “sweet spot” for CBD.

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